EVS Motors & Forgestar at TX2K 2019

Fuel Fest 2019 Rain, Muscle Cars and Forgestar Wheels

If you’re a petrolhead and live in SoCal, there’s one even you certainly can’t miss out on: Fuel Fest. Founded by Cody Walker and Chris Lee, it caters to both the casual onlooker and the hardcore enthusiast. Simply put, it’s a place to be if you love cars. Unfortunately, the 2019 Fuel Fest was somewhat ruined by a rainy day. However, with the incredible display of cars showcased over the course of last weekend, not even rain could deter all the die-hard automotive nuts.

The 2019 Fuel Fest feature some rather impressive builds, amazing restorations, pretty rare pieces of automotive history and lots and lots of supercars, making Fuel Ruen one of the sickest events of the calendar. With so many luxury machines in one place, one can easily get caught up in the moment, as they all become real, they all become personal. It’s that special feeling where casual fans and owners come together, no matter what the price tag of their vehicle is. And in the end, that’s what Fuel Fest is all about.

The highlight of our booth was a drop dead gorgeous matte black Ford Mustang from V8 Venom. And this Whipple supercharged beast is a spectacle to behold. Featuring a set of Forgestar M14 in a striking Gloss Black finish with Gloss Red hardware, this American Muscle can both duke it out with the best of them and it looks great at the same time. Something that most car enthusiast look for in their ride.

Forgestar was at the event in full force, displaying several of our highly coveted wheel designs. From the much-liked and rather popular Forgestar F14, all the way to the Forgestar CF5, Forgestar M14 and Forgestar CF5V, completed by the recently-revealed Forgestar D5 Beadlock drag racing wheel. While the weather certainly wasn’t playing ball that weekend, the number of fans that dropped by our booth was still rather impressive.

You can check out the action from the 2019 Fuel Fest motoring event right below.