Bill Goldberg's Green Dodge Challenger Demon - Forgestar F14 Beadlock Wheels in Golden Bronze

Forgestar Wheels At The 2019 SEMA Show Drag Racing & Bespoke Flow Formed Wheels

Hanging out with the big boys of the drag racing world

For the 2019 SEMA Show, our showcase consisted of a rather compelling product that is slowly taking the aftermarket wheel industry by storm: the flow formed drag racing wheel. Revealed in various steps throughout the 2019, our customers saw the introduction of the Forgestar D5 and D5 Beadlock, Forgestar D6 and D6 Beadlock, then finally, the Forgestar F14 Drag Pack wheels. All of them were followed by the Forgestar F14 Beadlock wheels, taking the spotlight at this year’s SEMA Show. Simply put, these wheels comprise a lineup that finally brings the affordable, yet strong & customizable flow formed wheel to the drag racing world.

Our booth featured several sets of Forgestar F14 Beadlock wheels, alongside some of our more popular wheel designs. However, it was Bill Goldberg’s metallic green Dodge Challenger Demon, featuring a set of Forgestar F14 Beadlock wheels in a Golden Bronze finish, that stole the show. Not even John Force’s funny car dragster did much to draw attention from this American muscle car beast, adorned with what we may call one of the best looking drag racing wheels out there. Simply put, we’re excited to see what kind of builds our customers pull out when the Forgestar F14 Beadlock wheels start flowing to our dealers in the forthcoming weeks.

In addition to the Forgestar F14 Beadlock wheels, this year’s show saw a white Tesla Model 3 with Forgestar F14 wheels, alongside a gorgeous McLaren 720S, featuring the same wheel design.

In addition to the main booth at the SEMA Show, in order to give our customers, dealers, and fans a better look at our new wheel designs, we held a private showing event at the Speed Vegas racing venue. Rest assured, that gave everyone attending the best first-hand experience of our wheels. This included private showings of our Forgestar F14 Beadlock wheels in various bespoke finishes, delicious finger food and drinks, all resulting in a great time for everyone attending. In turn, it’s safe to say that dragging everyone away from the tiring SEMA Show booth floor was a success and that everyone in attendance had a great experience.

For a quick glance into the Forgestar SEMA Booth, please grab a quick look at the media gallery right below.