White Ford Mustang S550 - Forgestar F14 Wheels - Matte Black

2017 Ford Mustang S550 Forgestar F14 FlowFormed Wheels

The sixth generation of the Mustang pony car uses the S550 company-wide vehicle code. Taking a departure from previous Mustang pony cars produced by the Detroit based carmaker, it utilizes a fully independent rear suspension on all models, as well as an optional 2.3L EcoBoost turbocharged and a direct injected four cylinder engine. Released back in 2015, the vehicle marked the fiftieth anniversary of the Ford Mustang, which was revealed as a 1965 model year vehicle on April 17, 1964. Overall, the car doesn’t stray away from the beefed up and aggressive body lines of its predecessors, capturing a wide customer and fan base.

This particular white Ford Mustang comes from one of our customers. Featuring a gorgeous white exterior finish and black accents, the vehicle is the perfect looking American muscle car. However, for this owner, that wasn’t enough.

This vehicle is upgraded thanks to a set of lightweight Forgestar F14 flow formed wheels. These deep concave F14 wheels come sized 20×10 in the front and 20×11.5 in the rear. They are adorned with a Matte Black finish. Furthermore, thanks to perfect lowering, the vehicle now comes with an even more aggressive stance. Please take a look at the entire media gallery of this 2017 Ford Mustang build right below.