Blue Ford F150 - Forgestar X14 Wheels in Satin Bronze

Blue Ford F150 Single Cab Looking Good on Forgestar X14 Wheels Lowered & looking great on a set of aftermarket wheels

Getting a workhorse like the Ford F150 more refined look is not a bad idea, especially when it’s achieved with a set of Forgestar X14 rotary-formed Truck/SUV wheels

The Ford F150 single cab is an interesting-looking vehicle. Thanks to its layout, it comes with rather unique proportions, creating a beefy-looking silhouette that looks magnificent with a set of larger than stock wheels. In turn, adding a set of our all-new Forgestar X14 rotary-formed Truck/SUV wheels is one of the best upgrades you could do for this vehicle. And for this particular blue Ford F150, this is done to perfection.

For this build, we’ve machined these Forgestar X14 wheels in sizes of 22×10.5 in the front and 22×10.5 in the rear. Furthermore, they are finished in a beautiful Satin Bronze finish, giving them a quite unique look & adding a great dose of customization for this vehicle. Overall, the split six-spoke wheel design works magnificently well on large-bodied vehicles like the F150, and in turn, is a fan favorite for many of our customers.

Blue Ford F150 - Forgestar X14 Wheels in Satin Bronze

You can grab a more detailed look at this Blue Ford F150 with Forgestar X14 wheels in the media gallery right below. Furthermore, you can also order these wheels from our wide network of authorized dealers worldwide. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information about ordering, pricing, fitment, or other info. Our sales team will help you with the ordering process.