Black Cadillac Escalade - Forgestar X6 Wheels in Satin Black

Black Cadillac Escalade Forgestar X6 Truck Wheels In Satin Black

This clean black Cadillac Escalade is adorned with a set of Forgestar X6 wheels sized 24×10 in the front and 24×10 in the rear, finished in a gorgeous Satin Black

In the word of lumbering, seven-seater SUVs that are mostly used to carry your kids to soccer practice, there’s little that comes close to the appeal of the Cadillac Escalade. Definitely, a sight to see on any road, this large SUV (Sports Activity Vehicle) is one of the most popular luxury haulers out there. And with the new generation of the Escalade, the Michigan-based carmaker really pushed the limits of both exterior and interior design, but also, the luxury feel that this vehicle brings to the table.

While the car is loved equally by soccer moms and NBA players alike, that also means that it can be seen on the city streets of California and elsewhere in abundant numbers. In turn, for some owners, adding a personal touch to this vehicle is what’s needed to set them apart from the rest of the flock. And thanks to our recently-revealed Forgestar X6 and X14 truck/SUV wheels, they now have the perfect addition for these types of vehicles.

Black Cadillac Escalade - Forgestar X6 Wheels in Satin Black

This particular black Cadillac Escalade comes with a set of Forgestar X6 flow-formed wheels, giving this vehicle an aggressive & striking look. For this build, the wheels are sized 24×10 in the front and 24×10 in the rear. They come with a Satin Black finish, working perfectly with the black exterior of this vehicle. As a result, this Cadillac Escalade is now poised to turn heads everywhere it goes.

For those interested in making their truck/SUV look as great as this one, the Forgestar X6 and X14 wheels are available for ordering for a number of applications. You can purchase them through a wide network of authorized dealers, but if you need more info about the wheels, please contact us right away. Our sales team will gladly provide you with all the assistance you need in making your lumbering SUV look great. In the meantime, please take a look at this black Cadillac Escalade on Forgestar X6 wheels in the media gallery right below.